Fifth International Scientific Conference on      
  Prevention of Workrelated Musculoskeletal Disorders      
  July 11-15, 2004      

Presenter Information

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Oral Presentations

The conference language is English.

The duration of an oral presentation is 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes for discussion and transition to the subsequent speaker.

The conference rooms will be equipped with:

  • 1 computer with WindowsXP, Office 2000
  • 1 data projector
  • 1 overhead projector
  • 1 35mm slide projector with remote control

Please note:

  1. Presenters will not be allowed to connect their own computers.
  2. Presenters are compelled to hand in their presentation(s) at the conference office, at latest 2 hours before your session starts.
  3. We only accept presentations handed over in Microsoft Power Point (.ppt) or Adobe PDF (.pdf) format.
  4. We accept presentations on CD-ROM, USB memory sticks, ZIP-100, floppy disks or from your network folder. Since we are equipped with PCs: Please make sure in advance that your data medium is DOS (not Mac etc.) formatted.
  5. If you have movies, animations or sounds etc. included in your presentation, use the function "Pack&Go" (or "Package for CD" in Office 2003).
  6. If you intend to bring your presentation on 35mm slides, please inform us in advance.

Interactive Poster

Interactive Poster Presentations consist of

  1. A 2-day poster exhibition in the Conference Centre ( Monday 12.7 + Tuesday 13.7, or Wednesday 14 + Thursday 15.7, respectively) plus
  2. an oral presentation of 2 minutes, followed by 2 minutes discussion in one of four parallel poster sessions on Monday 12.7, Tuesday 13.7 or Wednesday 14.7.

Please note:

  • For the oral poster presentations, a single overhead projector only (i.e. no beamer/data projector) is at your disposition.
  • Posters should furthermore be prepared according to the instructions given below

Poster Exhibition

  • Posters should be designed in DIN-A0 - portrait format and written in English. Maximum size (height * width) is 180 * 120 centimeters.
  • Please use font and figure sizes that can be read from a reasonable distance.
  • Posters should have the same structure as outlined in the abstract submission guidelines, i.e. introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion.
  • Posters should be mounted before 11 o'clock. The day depends on the programme: Monday for interactive poster sessions i1 to i8, poster exhibition and late submissions, Wednesday for interactive poster sessions i9 to i12.
    Each poster will be assigned to a poster board, and tacks to mount the posters will be available.

Abstract corrections

In order to improve the quality of the PREMUS2004 Conference book, some authors will be asked for corrections in their abstracts.
For corrections, please use the template provided here, save it to disk, and use it to prepare your proposal.

Late submissions

The deadline to submit abstracts for conference contributions was December 1, 2003.

If you have late breaking news, or if you are late and would like to present your findings at PREMUS2004, we offer the opportunity to do so in a separate Poster exhibition.

Please prepare an abstract of two pages in length (including tables and figures) according to the instructions provided in the template and send it to

Please note:

  1. We will not be able to include late submissions into the Conference Proceedings book.
  2. Posters must be accepted by the organizing committee of PREMUS2004
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