Premus 2004
Fifth International Scientific Conference on Prevention of Workrelated Musculoskeletal Disorders

Poster Presentations

p1: Exposure and prevention

Room: Gallery G-Level

The role of physical capacity in the development of low back and neck/shoulder disorders in a working population.
Heleen Hamberg-Van Reene, Geertje Ariens, Birgitte Blatter et al. (The Netherlands)

Key indicator method for risk assessment in manual material handling, Pt. 2: Pushing and Pulling.
Gustav Caffier, Ulf Steinberg and Falk Liebers (Germany)

Seating Posture measured using QEC.
John G Burrow, Vivienne Garden and Nichola McLarnon (UK)

Device for analysing grip forces during handling.
Rosimeire Padula and Helenice Gil Coury (Brazil)

Effects of Constraints on Postures in Glovebox Tasks.
Mohd Asyraf Che Doi and Christine M. Haslegrave (UK)

Participatory Ergonomic Intervention in Kitchen Work.
Irmeli Pehkonen, Hilkka Riihimäki, Leila Hopsu et al. (Finland)

Responding to Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSD) in Canada.
Donald C. Cole and Dwayne Van Eerd (Candada)

p2: risk factors and health assessment

Room: Gallery G-Level

Different risk factors for musculoskeletal complaints and musculoskeletal sickness absence.
Helma IJzelenberg and Alex Burdorf (The Netherlands)

Repeatability of physical, functional and discomfort assessments in sufferers from WRMDs.
Isabel Walsh, Helenice Coury, Michele Alem et al. (Brazil)

The Prognosis and the related factors of upper extremity musculoskeletal diseases in female telephone number service clerks.
Jaechul Song, Hyun-ju Kim, Soo-jin Lee et al. (Korea)

Predictable Factors for Musculoskeletal Disorders Amongst Classical Musicians
Navah Ratzon and Yael Kaufman-Cohen (Israel)

Elbow function in chronic lateral epicondylitis.
Tuomo Pienimäki, Pertti Siira, Heikki Vanharanta (Finland)

The pattern and determinants of widespread pain in the neck and upper limbs.
Keith Palmer, Karen Walker-Bone Isabel Reading et al. (UK)

Work relatedness of MSDs in industrial workers.
Andrew DJ Pinder (UK)

Criteria for the Work-relatedness of Low Back Pain. Part II: application in occupational health care.
Paul Kuijer, Judith Kuiper, Lex Burdorf et al. (The Netherlands)

p3: Late submissions

Room: Gallery G-Level

Estimating the global burden of low back pain attributable to combined occupational exposures.
Annette Prüss-Uestün, Laura Punnett, Deborah Imel Nelson et al. (USA)

Computer Adaptive Testing of Musculo-Skeletal Disorders.
Avi Wiener1, Etgar Marcus and, Joseph Mizrahi (Israel)

Performance and EMG-study of the vertical yogitype keyboard.
Gerard Van Galen, Ab de Haan, Hanneke Liesker, and Hans te Maarssen (The Netherlands)

Risk Factors for Musculoskeletal Disorder in Musicians.
Jenny I. Ro and Laura Punnett (USA)

Evaluation of the implementation of the Swedish Ergonomic Provisions, AFS 1998:1.
Carlsson, R. ,Nyström, A-K. ,Kemmlert, K. (Sweden)

An ergonomic and anthropometric study of iranian primary school children and classrooms to design desk and benches on the vasis of ergonomic principles.
Habibi, E and Mirzaei, M. (Iran)

How to Improve Working Conditions for Spinal Cord Injured?
An Intervention Study Including Myofeedback Training
L. Sandsjö, L. Grundell, K. Valtonen, A-K. Karlsson, H. Hermens, E. Viikari-Juntura