Premus 2004
Fifth International Scientific Conference on Prevention of Workrelated Musculoskeletal Disorders

Interactive Poster Presentations:

i1: Prevention and Rehabilitation

Monday July 12, 13:45-14:15
Room: Auditorium Maximum
Chairs: Hegmann, K. & Winkel, J.

Musculoskeletal risk factors among 334 supermarket cashiers of the Paris area.
Janick Le Pache, Christophe Chaney, Christine Aucour et al. (France)

Risk Factors for Back Pain and Long-term Effects of a Complex Intervention Program at BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Ludwigshafen.
Rolf-Peter Pluto, Hans-Dieter Nolting and Andreas Zober (Germany)

Patient-handling and low back pain: methodological approach and preliminary results of a multidisciplinary preventive intervention in a large Italian hospital.
Stefano Porru, Angela Carta, Paola Paglierini et al. (Italy)

Results of an intensive rehabilitation program for workers with chronic low back pain.
Nicole Mayery, Aurélie Duveau, Ingrid Lemrereur et al. (Luxembourg)

Back schools for non-specific low back pain: an updated systematic review within the framework of the Cochrane Collaboration.
MW Heymans, MW van Tulder, R Esmail, et al. (The Nethelands)

Decreasing the risk of falling in elderly people with severe osteopenia or osteoporosis.
Jaap Swanenburg, Marguerite Stauffacher, Ruud Knols et al. (Switzerland)

i2: EMG

Monday July 12, 13:45-14:15
Room: F3
Chairs: Westgaard, R. & Hermens, H.

The prevalence of work related low back pain and the significance of using sEMG analysis of trunk muscles among foundry workers.
Ling Lei, Jian-guo Xu, Guo-bing Xiao et al. (China)

Development of an electromyographic method for strain assessment during Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE according to S. Isernhagen).
Sandra Fabian and Heike Hesse (Germany)

A method for evaluation of sustained low-level muscle activity.
Kaj Bo Veiersted and Tove Østensvik (Norway)

A Novel EMG Signal Decomposition Approach Using a Graphical Model and an Iterative Algorithm.
Volker M. Koch and Hans-Andrea Loeliger (Switzerland)

Signs of muscular fatigue in the cross covariance functions of surface EMG signals.
Roland Grassme, Dario Farina, Roberto Merletti et al. (Germay)

On the Muscle Activity During a One Hour Tapping Task.
Satoru Ueno, Peter Schenk, Andreas Klipstein, et al. (Japan)

i3: Risks and correlates of WRMSD

Monday July 12, 13:45-14:15
Room: F5
Chairs: Bao, S. & van der Beek, A.

Health situation at Swedish call centres.
Allan Toomingas and Tohr Nilsson (Sweden)

Work demands, prevalence of musculoskeletal pain and stress symptoms on trainees of the collect section of an international bank located in São Paulo, Brazil.
Débora Miriam Raab Glina and Lys Esther Rocha (Brazil)

Are young workers at higher risk of work-related musculoskeletal disorders? Analysis of Quebec Workers' Compensation data from 1995-2000 for Montreal Island workers.
Susan Stock, Fabien Gongonbé, Sophie Goudreau (Canada)

Factors that influence job survival in working-aged patients awaiting surgery on the hip or knee.
Keith Palmer, Peter Milne, Jason Poole and David Coggon (UK)

Musculoskeletal disorders and age: the preliminary results of a cohort study carried out on a population of Italian workers.
Norma Barbini, Rosa Squadroni, Gaia Beretta (Italy)

Prevalence of neck, shoulder and arm symptoms in Europe.
Birgitte Blatter and Heleen De Kraker (The Netherlands)

i4: Exposure assessment

Monday July 12, 13:45-14:15
Room: F7
Chairs: Tornqvist, E.

Shoulder postures during simulated ultrasonographical exams.
Ana Beatriz de Oliveira, Luis C. Paschoarelli, Helenice J. C. Gil Coury (Brazil)

Do physical therapists recognize established risk factors? Swedish physical therapists evaluation in comparison to guidelines.
Thomas Overmeer, Steven J Linton and Katja Boersma (Sweden)

Assessment of exposures in an ergonomic intervention at kitchen work.
Esa-Pekka Takala, Irmeli Pehkonen, Hilkka Riihimäki et al. (Finland)

Relationship between task recording methods in an office environment.
Dwayne Van Eerd, Anjali Mazumder, Sheilah Hogg-Johnson et al. (Canada)

Ergonomic Value Stream Mapping – an integrated rationalization tool considering ergonomics and productivity.
Svend Erik Mathiassen, Caroline Jarebrant, Birgitta Öjmertz et al. (Sweden)

Influence of Biomechanical and individual factors on the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders on the neck-shoulder and wrist.
António Veloso, M. Filomena Brandão, Hugo Gamboa et al. (Portugal)

i5: Workplace intervention

Tuesday July 13, 13:45-14:15
Room: Auditorium Maximum
Chairs: Balagué, F. & Burdorf, A.

The application of the QEC system to a motor manufacturing process.
Guangyan Li and Geoff David (UK)

Evolution of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) among supermarket cashiers before and after redesign of their workstations (Phases 1 and 2).
Christophe Chaney, Janick Le Pache, Christine Aucour et al. (France)

The "Tools For Modified Work" Project-Phases 2 and 3: Implementation Evaluation and Revision of Workplace Strategies and Decision Aid Tools.
Susan R Stock, Raymond Baril, Zohra Derfoul et al. (Canada)

Improving posture in the ambulance patient compartment.
Jeremy Ferreira and Dr. Sue Hignett (UK)

Preventing WRMSD among university workers in Mexico.
J. Nieves Serratos-Perez, M. Carmen Negrete-Garcia and Margarita Arenas-Guzman (Mexico)

i6: Diagnosis and characterisation of WRMSD

Tuesday July 13, 13:45-14:15
Room: F3
Chairs: Gold, J. & Aaras, A.

Multistep diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders for routine physical examination in occupational health practice.
Gustav Caffier (Germany)

Diagnostic methods used by insurance doctors in the evaluation of employees with upper extremity disorders.
Patricia Dekkers, Noks Nauta (The Netherlands)

Responsiveness of the « Physical Work Performance Evaluation ».
Bruno Brassard and Marie-José Durand and Patrick Loisel (Candada)

Co-ordination of trunk muscles during gait: normative values.
Christoph Anders, Heiko Wagner, Christian Puta et al. (Germany)

Quantitative ultrasound tissue characterization in shoulder and thigh muscles.
Pernille Kofoed Nielsen, Bente Rona Jensen, Tron Darvann et al. (Denmark)

Tenderness in muscles and spinous processes among Workers and Patients.
Minori Nakata, Per-Olof Eriksson, Ulrika Aasa et al. (Sweden)

i7: Low back and arthrosis

Tuesday July 13, 13:45-14:15
Room: F5
Chairs: Luttmann, A. & Mairiaux, P.

Studies on low back pain in Russia: problems and perspectives of international cooperation.
Lilia Fatkhutdinova, Nail Amirov, Raphael Masschelein (Russian Federation)

EPILIFT – An epidemiological study on lumbar diseases and the exposure to object handling and postural load.
Barbara Schumann, Annekatrin Bergmann, Oliver Linhardt et al. (Germay)

Back pain among physiotherapists. Are muscle strength and general fitness factors?
Darja Rugelj, Polona Palma (Slovenia)

Impact of Long-Term Physical Exposure of Workers' Health.
Kermit Davis, Kari Dunning, Amit Bhattacharya et al. (USA)

i8: Health care

Tuesday July 13, 13:45-14:15
Room: F7
Chairs: Loisel, P. & Hignett, S.

Effectiveness of a health education program on patient handling techniques in a group of nurses and nursing aides.
Stefano Porru, Angela Carta, Paola Paglierini et al. (Italy)

Work-Related Musculoskeletal Injury in UK Physiotherapists.
Warren Glover, Claire Sullivan and Jan Hague (UK)

Psychophysical assessment of care-giving techniques in moving a client upward in the bed.
Asami Tatsumi, Yuichiro Ono, Toshihiko Imaeda et al. (Japan)

Prevention of Musculoskeletal Accidents at a Portuguese Hospital: Preliminary Results.
Teresa Cotrim, Fátima Ramalho, Maria João Xavier et al. (Portugal)

Back muscle response to sudden trunk loading can be modified by training among health care workers.
Mogens Theisen Pedersen, Morten Essendrop, Jørgen H. Skotte et al. (Denmark)

An international comparison of work-related musculoskeletal problems and related factors among ambulance personnel.
Minori Nakata, Yuka Noborisaka, Ulrika Aasa et al. (Sweden)

i9: WRMSD in the industry

Wednesday July 14, 13:45-14:15
Room: Auditorium Maximum
Chairs: Franzblau, A. & Punnett, L.

Musculoskeletal symptoms and disability among workers in Mumbai, India.
Ira Madan, Jason Poole and David Coggon (UK)

Psychosocial risk factors and low back pain among navigation officers of service vessels.
Mohammad Ali Hassanzadeh, Jebrail Nasl Serajil (Sweden)

The impact of musculoskeletal related absenteeism in shipyard industry.
Eleni C. Konstantinou, Dimitra Foti, Evangelos C. Alexopoulos (Greece)

Static work and its effect on muscles in the shoulder and neck. A review of morbidity in arc welders.
Roland Kadefors (Sweden)

i10: WRMSD and computer use

Wednesday July 14, 13:45-14:15
Room: F3
Chairs: Hagberg, M. & Ono, Y.

Are self-reported recommended ergonomic conditions predictors for reduced musculoskeletal symptoms? – The 'BIT'-follow-up study on office workers.
Birgit Juul-Kristensen and Chris Jensen (Denmark)

Introduction of laptop computers in a working environment.
Guri Stoknes Hafting, Morten Wærsted and Stein Brudal (Norway)

Human-computer interface: Prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Jinky Leilanie Lu (Philippines)

Physical and psychosocial risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders of the shoulders among call center operators of an air service company in Brazil.
Lys E. Rocha, Debora M.R. Glina, Jayme A. R. Vianna et al. (Brazil)

Postures and movements among operators performing the same work task with different computer equipment.
Inger Arvidsson, Gert-Åke Hansson and Staffan Skerfving (Sweden)

Upper Extremity Pain and Computer Use among Engineering Graduate Students: An Internet Based Survey.
David Rempel, Eric Schlossberg, Sandra Morrow et al. (USA)

i11: Risk evaluation and prevention

Wednesday July 14, 13:45-14:15
Room: F5
Chairs: Viikari-Juntura, E. & Blatter, B.

Modelling the preventive effectiveness of pre-placement screening for carpal tunnel syndrome.
Bradley Evanoff, Steve Kymes, Bryce Sutton (USA)

The use of individual participant data (IPD) for examining heterogeneity in a meta-analysis of biomechanical workplace risk factors and low back pain.
Lauren Griffith, Harry Shannon, Richard Wells, Donald Cole et al. (Canada)

The validity of a self administered questionnaire for assessment of postural load and duration of computer use.
Judith Heinrich, Birgitte Blatter and Paulien Bongers (The Netherlands)

Estimation of prevalence ratios in ergonomic studies.
James Deddens and Martin Petersen (USA)

Different risk factors for musculoskeletal complaints and musculoskeletal sickness absence.
Helma IJzelenberg and Alex Burdorf (The Netherlands)

i12: Dentists and scholars

Wednesday July 14, 16:00-17:00
Room: F5
Chairs: Huwiler, J. & Graf, M.

Occupational hand loading and hand osteoarthritis among dentists.
Svetlana Solovieva, Hilkka Riihimäki, Tapio Vehmas et al. (Finland)

Does Proprioceptive derivation concept help to reduce muscular discomfort?
Montakarn Chaikumarn (Sweden)

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders among dentists.
Greice. B. Gobbi and Neusa M. C. Alexandre (Brazil)

Musculoskeletal pain and insomnia symptoms in older adolescents.
Kristian Gould, Nina Østerås, Kaj Bo Veiersted (Norway)

Occupational and individual factors related to hand/wrist complaints in dentists.
Evangelos C. Alexopoulos, Christianna Stathi, Fotini Charizani (Greece)

Neck and shoulder disorders in some adolescents of Khuvsgul province in mongolia
M.Nansalmaa, D.Oyunchimeg, B.Odbayar et al. (Mongolia)